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Apple iPhone 3G this Christmas

This Christmas season, Globe makes it easier for subscribers to score the iPhone 3G as the company sweetens the deal with various offers for postpaid and prepaid plans. Globe offers several options that will make an iPhone 3G purchase easier for its subscribers.

For postpaid subscriptions, the 8GB iPhone 3G comes free with Plan 4999 and the 16GB iPhone 3G for only P2900. Other iPhone postpaid offers include: 8GB for P29000 and 16GB for P34300 under GText Plan; and 8GB for P25000 and 16GB for P30500 under the GFlex 800 Plan. All postpaid subscriptions come with free text messages, free voice minutes, and free Internet and Wi-Fi hours.

For prepaid subscriptions, the 8GB iPhone 3G is priced at P37599 while the 16GB iPhone is priced at P437999. Subscribers can pay as low as P3200 per month for prepaid kits using major credit cards. The prepaid kit comes with a free P1000 load that can be used not only for text messages or voice minutes, but also for Internet surfing. Using Globe’s time browsing rate at P5 per 10 minutes gives subscribers as much as 50 hours of free Internet.

Subscribers may avail of zero interest installments for both prepaid and postpaid purchases using credit cards from participating banks.

When subscribers purchase the iPhone 3G from Globe Business Centers and Apple Premium Resellers from November 19 to December 31, they get a free gift coupon that takes 20% off of any iPhone 3G related accessories such as protective casings and speakers.

Take advantage of the hot Christmas deals from Globe to buy the iPhone 3G for loved ones. With its fast 3G wireless technology, GPS mapping, and support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange, Apple iPhone 3G redefines what a mobile phone can do.

The iPhone operates on Wi-Fi, EDGE, and 3G networks and it automatically switches between them to ensure the fastest possible Internet speed of up 2 Mbps and to give the best email, web browsing, search, and map applications for a mobile phone.

The iPhone 3G complements its user’s lifestyle as it allows users to gain access to the App store where users can customize their iPhones by downloading applications that are interesting to them.

There are various applications under these categories: books, business, education, entertainment, finance, games, health & fitness, lifestyle, music, navigation, news, photography, productivity, reference, social networking, sports, travel, utilities, and weather.

The iPhone 3G is a gadget that can transform into whatever the user wants it to be. For the avid gamer, it can be a gaming console with exciting games like Texas Hold’em Poker, Hidden Expedition-Everest, Motochaser, Aeroguitar, Free Word Warp. Classic games like Pacman Lite and Bejeweled 2 can also be played.

For the women, it can transform into a fashion tool with stylish applications such as GAP Merry Mix It that allows users to mix and match GAP holiday outfits, Hairstyle Lite that allows users to experiment with different hairstyles, and Style.com that allows users to view the latest runway shows from Paris.

For the sports nut, the iPhone 3G can be used to satisfy sports cravings. With Real Soccer 2009, users can play a soccer simulation game. There is also the TriCalc application that allows users easily calculate time, distance and pace/speed before or/after workout in triathlons.

For the social butterfly, the iPhone 3G can be used to access several social networking sites. Using the iPhone 3G, users can post photos and create albums in the Web using the PhotoKast application. Users can also integrate several instant messaging accounts using the Palringo Instant Messenger. The popular site Facebook, can also be accessed using the iPhone 3G.

For those who are on the lookout for productivity tools, the search is over since the iPhone 3G is the perfect gadget for this purpose. The more popular applications include the Spreadsheet application that is compatible with Excel, the To Do list which allows users to set priority dates and deadlines, and the iTalk recorder which allows users to record and sync files to a computer.

To find out more information about iPhone deals and to experience a free trial of the unit, visit the nearest Globe Business Center or contact Globe’s 24-Hour Call-in Service at 211 using your Globe mobile phone (toll free) or 730-1000 using a landline.

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