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Caring for your Cellphone

Your mobile phone has always been there for you in good times and in bad. Keeps you company when nobody’s there to be with you. Makes you laugh or cry. Helps you communicate with people far away. Helps you express anything from anger, joy, sorrow, happiness and even love…

But what if your beloved mobile phone suddenly becomes dark… Or busted… It may have been damaged from years of use or it suffered a fate due to owner’s lack of knowledge in correct phone care. Here are tips to keep your cellphones in best running condition!


Check charging time of your phone. Remove from outlet when charging is done. Overcharging damages your battery and worse, may damage your phone’s board permanently.

Have your phone checked as soon as possible when encountered with unusual problems or defects.

Check the credibility of the service center you are bringing your phone to.

Use mild cloth in cleaning it, don’t use chemicals, solvents or strong detergents.

Consult a technician before using a cable and a computer in accessing your phone. You could buy a cable and a software for your phone’s connectivity these days but it is still wise to consult a trained technician first before using it for them to give you support for these attachments.


Don’t tuck it in your shorts beside your skin for it may collect sweat from your body that could damage its circuits and parts. Sweat contains corrosive elements that harm delicate areas of your phone.

Don’t place your phone inside your tight maong pocket. Excessive pressure resulting from this habit may damage the LCD’s or bend the circuit board of your phone.

Don’t try fixing your cellphones. Doing this without proper training may do more harm than good.

Don’t use your phone in the rain. Put it in a small plastic bag when traveling in the rain and wait when you’re in a dry place before using it. Sometimes, patience pays off.

Don’t throw your cellphones out of sudden rage of anger. Use other stuffs instead. Damages from strong impact such as these may cost you thousands of pesos for it is more damaging than any other circumstance.

Don’t place your phone in hot surfaces or expose them to excessive heat (like the dashboard of your car) as this might shorten the life span of your battery and might damage your unit.

Don’t use your phone in dusty areas as this might damage your phone’s moving parts.

Don’t store in cold areas. When the phone warms up to its normal temperature, moisture can form inside phone, which may damage electronic circuit boards.

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