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CEO Nam Troops to Philippines for LG Empowerment

CEO Nam Yang who handles LG globally visited Philippines to further inspire and motivate its Philippine subsidiary, who has encountered significant market share growth over the past years.

Accompanied by LG business unit presidents, Nam delivered encouragement to the fore people of LG in our country.

“From televisions, home appliances, to mobile handsets, LG is on a mission — to become the world’s best at enriching lives through innovation,” said CEO Nam in an open communication with selected local employees.

“Let’s show to consumers the unique LG experience,” he added.

According to the CEO, LG’s philosophy is that people are tied up with technology because it is a fundamental factor in making their lives easier to handle.

Among the guests of the meeting are Mr. Young Ha Lee of Home Appliances; Mr. Simon Kang of Home Entertainment; Mr. Skott Ahn of Mobile Communications; and Mr. Hwan Yong Nho of Air Conditioning. Nam was also with Mr. Peter Stickler, LG Chief Human Resource Officer; Mr. Woody Nam, president and CEO of LG Electronics Asia; and eight regional business leaders.

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