Choosing the best Cellphone Repair Center

Your beloved mobile phone suddenly stops working. Too bad it’s something that you really need and had become an indispensable item in your dear life.

Bringing it in service centers might be a simple solution but not checking their credibility might give you more headaches than relief. Expensive charges, lack of warranty, you being cheated by paying so much more than what is needed, your phone parts stolen and many other litanies of dissatisfied customers who out of urgency just brought their units in their friendly neighborhood repair shop. Or is it really friendly???

Here are some points you could use in selecting the best service center for your phone:

1. Do they have at least a permanent shop or do they operate in that place for a long time? The problems with transient shops (tiangge or stalls) is that sometimes, when you come back for back job or warranty, the shop is not there anymore or has transferred to a different location and you turn out to have your unit repaired in another shop and paying again the same service.

2. Do they have wide range of parts or do they have available items in their inventory? Small shops without ample parts could get their parts for immediate repairs from their fellow technicians making it more expensive. Or worst, they may get parts from your phone, which they could use, for future repairs.

3. Do they give free check up or diagnosis? Repair centers giving these services are so much helpful as they don’t pressure you to have your unit repaired right away. They will give you a free diagnosis and estimate on what could be the problem and you could always come back anytime when you decide to have it done.

4. Do they have complete equipment? A good repair center should have at least a set of hardware repair instruments and also important, a computer.

5. Is their staff friendly? The problem with grouchy technicians is that when you come back for back jobs, they could in turn snarl at you saying that the problem occurred again because of your misuse.

6. Do they issue receipts? Lack of receipts means they cannot honor warranties or is not registered with the government.

7. Is the staff professionally trained? Un untrained staff may give you lousy repairs or wrong estimates on your unit.

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10 thoughts on “Choosing the best Cellphone Repair Center

  1. mark

    can you repair a blackberry curve’s sensor? i mean the “scroll button”
    becouse i cant find any shop can repair my phone..
    im hoping for you reply.. thank you..
    my cellphone number is 09261704080
    just txt me,,

  2. Lan

    can you repair HP IPAQ voice messenger 510? when i press the # 6 button the phone suddenly goes to home screen… need help. number is 09053503785. thanks

  3. please advise where I can bring my blackberry bold for lcd repair, thanks

    my cell number 09198764486 and phone is 9854798 thanks

  4. jayson

    please advise where I can bring my blackberry bold for lcd repair, thanks

    my cell number 09198764486 and phone is 9854798 thanks

  5. ben

    Please help me find a repairshop for samsung s4 made in korea…the screen was damaged touch screen is still working…thank you…just text me in this number 09057654180

  6. Sandra

    Do you repair lg g2 touch screen the upper side is not working, bought in States? How much ? Pls do reply asap… thanks in advance..0926 695 5866


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