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For everything else, there's Sulit.

I can still vividly remember the first time I discovered Sulit back in 2006. It was just one of the many classified ad sites in the country.

It looked very simple and crude but one of the things I noticed was the growing community in the forums. I’d usually get those Buy & Sell magazines at 7-11 whenever I’m looking for a new apartment, a second-hand car or a cellphone.

Fast forward to today and Sulit has grown in bounds and leaps. The most impressive thing about them is that the site was only developed by one person in his room at homeand with the help of his girlfriend (and now wife), the two have catapulted the site to become the number 1 most visited local destination in the Philippines.

Whenever I have a phone to dispose of, the very first place I would post it would be in Sulit. In a matter of hours, the item would get dozens of inquiries. And this has been true with almost all of the items I posted on the site.

And it’s not just small items like cellphones or laptops. I have a close acquaintance who was able to sell their beach house in Batangas worth Php12 million by only posting it in Sulit. Now that’s what you call effective and free advertising.

I’ve also seen a lot of folks making a living out of buying and selling stuff in Sulit so it’s really true what Lourd de Veyra always say in the commercials

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