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FreeTxt, Globe Addresses the Zero Load Problem

Globe Telecom launches a new Short Messaging System (SMS) service which will allow all Globe prepaid subscribers to send free text messages to family and friends within the Philippines, even without prepaid credit load.

The service, called FreeTxt, is Globe’s answer to its prepaid clients’ struggles when they need to send an important text only to find out that they’ve already ran out of credits and there are no loading stations nearby. Globe worked with two of Southeast Asian companies, Feedtext International Pte. and Axis Global Interactive (AGI) to develop the service.

Feedtext International Pte, the Singapore based web and mobile entertainment company, is the organization behind the development of the FreeTxt solution, while Axis Global Interactive (AGI), the leading web and applications company in the Philippines is the official Licensee of the FreeTxt platform in the country.

Together with Globe, these leading organizations are about to make the lives of all Globe prepaid subscribers more convenient. Globe is the first telecommunications company in the Philippines to make use of the FreeTxt solution.

The Philippines’ biggest portion of mobile subscribers is the prepaid market. Of the total 22.7 million Globe users alone, 97% are prepaid subscribers. The more than 22 million prepaid consumers moved Globe to come up with another innovative and a “first of its kind” SMS platform in the industry today. The service was formally launched on September 26, 2008.

To be able to use FreeTxT, a Globe prepaid user must first register by simply keying-in “REG FREE FirstName/LastName/Location/Age/Gender” on their handy phones and send it to 2625. Signing up to this program is absolutely free.

To start sending FreeTxt message, simply type the number of the recipient of the message, space, the message, and send it to 2625. The recipient of the message will receive a notification stating that a message was sent to him, and is waiting for retrieval. To read the sent message, the receiver must type “READ” plus the inbox number of the message to retrieve, and then send it to 2625. One text message costs the reader PhP2.50.

More info at: www.freetxt.ph

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  1. Ryan


  2. Waldo

    It is n0t really free!? Coz the # y0u’ve been sent the message will charge 2.00 pesos.

  3. Waldo

    It is n0t really free!? Coz the # y0u’ve been sent the message,the user will charge 2.00 pesos.

  4. John

    this is just a scam. yes you can send free messages but they charge the receiver P2.50/msg read


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