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Globe expands network to close 2008

Globe’s network is now backed up by 6,446 cellsites nationwide as of end 2008, continuously increasing every year from 6,217 cellsites in 2007. Aside from aiming to bring a superior network to customers and more innovative services, Globe is driven to constantly seek ways to improve network quality.

Based on regular tests being done by Globe internally to proactively check its network performance for quality of service, the call success failure rate and the dropped call rate significantly improved last year from the prior year. Lower percentage of dropped calls and failed call attempts is desired as this means higher quality of service and adherence to operating standards set for mobile operators, with most of Globe’s voice calls are successfully connected and completed.
In the National Telecommunications Commission’s (NTC) Benchmarking of Mobile Operators Network Performance in terms of Quality of Service, Globe’s network had the least blocked calls at only 1.99% (49 blocked calls out of 2,475 calls made by the NTC’s National Capital Region office), and the least dropped calls at only 1.42% (35 dropped calls out of the 2,475 calls). These are based from the tests conducted last Sept. 17 to October 6, 2008 to the country’s CMTS operators.
Having an expansive coverage and delivering quality network in cities and provinces from Luzon to Visayas and all the way to Mindanao, Globe as well as TM allows customers to make continuous local and international calls to carry out their important conversations and communicate those valuable moments.

Globe makes it easy and fast for customers to connect to one another to be able to constantly bond with family and friends through Globe and TM’s Sakto Calls and Globe’s Tawag236.

Consistently, customers get value for their money when they use Globe’s various SMS offers that fit their needs and lifestyle like Unlitxt All Day and EverybodyTXT or TM’s Sulitxt 10 and Todotext, as Globe and TM allow them to enjoy ease in sending texts and instantly convey their short but immediate messages to others.

With its continuous signal strength, Globe and TM bring clear connections so customers experience quality voice calls whatever the service they choose to use such as TM’s Todotawag 15/15 and Globe’s Unlinytcalls to communicate with loved ones anywhere in the country and the Globe TipIDD to stay in touch with those abroad.

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