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Hard Reset Samsung Blackjack Phone

Was having problems with my Samsung Blackjack phone. The SMS text display wasn’t working and I could not read any incoming SMS.

reset samsung blackjack

The last option is to reset it. There’s no option in the phone to do this. You will need to do a hard reset.

First, turn off the phone. While pressing the “Up navigation button”, turn “ON” the phone. It will prompt you if you want to reformat the phone. Press “1” if you want to continue or any other key if you cant to cancel.

Warning: Formatting will remove all data from your phone.


  1. deddog

    thanks a lot. this reset fixed the phone, and i found features that i didnt even know were on the phone since i got it used

  2. Jay

    You can try these in case you downloaded corrupted or incompatible Java midlets or other media, which are causing problems with the phone.

    *2767*JAVA# Java Reset and (Deletes all Java Midlets)

    *2767*MEDIA# Reset Media (Deletes All Sounds and Pics)

    *2767*WAP# Wap Reset

    *2767*CUST# Reset Custom EEPR0M

    *2767*FULL# Reset Full EEPR0M (Caution)

    For example : *2767*JAVA# would be keyed in as *2767*5282#

    Note : Not all codes will work with SGH-C100.


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