iPhone Philippines

The iPhone in the Philippines are being sold for as low as Php25,000 for the 8GB model and Php29,000 for the 16GB Model.

iPhone Philippines

Since the iPhone does not connect with local telcos like Smart or Globe, it needs to be hacked first.

Current prices for unlocking the iPhone in Virramall, Greenhills is between Php2,000 – Php3,000.

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7 thoughts on “iPhone Philippines

  1. gerjoy

    Globe Telecom have already started pre-ordering of the Iphone4 a couple of weeks back. The process was a lot faster when you have initially registered in their website.

    These are the prices:

    From Php 37,499
    FREE at Plan 3799

    From Php 43,699
    FREE at Plan 5000

    I was never a fan of apple phones so I couldnt really comment on it. But the new upgrade seems to be a worldwide thing so I might actually get one. I owned a couple of smartphones in the past and most of them are either Nokia or HP. Nokia smartphones are easier for me to use and the apps at the Ovi store may not be a lot… but there were enough for me and my needs.

    Recently, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S because I have been going nuts over the Android technology. So far, the performance is exactly what I expected from an Android. It syncs fast, it multi-task, it shares online in a tap of a finger, and its light built makes it easier to carry around. Athough, one downfall include the short battery life… In approx 30mins of extensive use the batt will decrease approx 1/8 after a full charge. So in approx 2hr use the battery might not last until the evening. in short, I dont recommned this as your primary phone unless you ahve a power outlet nearby or if you actually have a car charger with you everytime.

    For those of you concerned with the fact thats its a little harder to type on a touchscreen… Samsung Galaxy S helps their users with the Swype technology where you wouldnt need to lift a finger to pick the next letter… just swipe your fingers across the screen pad. Another plus is you could pick different types of keypad that you are more comfortable with. You couldd choose the qwerty board… the 3×4 keypad (the ones candy bar phones have).. or handwriting.

    The apps at the market are great and most are very useful compared to what you find at the Ovi store. Unfortunately, this could also be very overwhelming to some and sometimes people tend to download almost anyting with 4stars rating. This would eventually make any android phone slow and take up so much battery life… the various apps installed could crash too… since not all apps found in the market are always compatible with all versions of the android.


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