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Nokia E63 Price and Shipped

Nokia launches Eseries messaging device with mass market appeal Nokia E63 joins the successful Nokia E71 to form a compelling QWERTY messaging device range.

Nokia today announced the latest addition to its Eseries range, the Nokia E63, designed for people who need to manage their business and personal lives equally well. Building on the success of the Nokia E71, the company’s flagship messaging device, the Nokia E63 brings the QWERTY keyboard form factor to a broader audience at a great price. The Nokia E63 is available at all Nokia Stores and authorized retail shops nationwide with a suggested retail price of P14,200.

“Our research shows that people want a device that deals with both their personal and professional lives, but helps them to separate the two. When someone sits down at lunch, they want to update their social network or browse their personal email account and they don’t want work getting in the way of that. It’s another great case of technology adapting to the people that use it,” says William Hamilton-Whyte, General Manager, Nokia Philippines. “The Nokia E63 is a new proposition for Eseries – a messaging device where people will be just as involved in their social network as they are in their business network.”

While appealing to a new group of consumers with a design that feels great in the hand and has two new colors, the Nokia E63 is still very much a member of the Eseries family. Whyte continues, “People use Eseries to read their corporate mail, review their calendar and work remotely, so the Nokia E63 includes Wi-Fi connectivity, easy access to Mail for Exchange, Yahoo mail and other web/ISP email accounts and hot keys for contacts, calendar and email.”

The Nokia E63 also has the ability to switch modes with a single key press, switching from a view of corporate mail, appointments and intranet data, to a personal mode with a picture of friends, personal email and shortcuts to favorite blogs or websites. Whyte adds, “people want a rich experience when messaging, social networking and surfing the web. With the Nokia E63 you can enjoy the web, update your status and work meaningfully with multiple email accounts and like the Nokia E71, we expect that it will quickly become the best selling model in its category.”

The Nokia E63 comes with a 12 month subscription to Files on Ovi, a service where people can remotely access their most important and frequently used files even when their PC is powered down or offline.

The Nokia E63 also has many multimedia capabilities. You can record and view images and videos with the digital camera and bright landscape display and listen to favorite internet radio stations or your playlists. The standard 3.5 mm audio jack provides connectivity to high-fidelity speakers or headphones. You can also easily customize the device by installing additional S60 games and utilities thru the Nokia Download folder. The Nokia E63 will be available in ruby red or ultramarine blue.

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  1. reed

    Nokia e63 its touch screen or not?

  2. jenjen

    hw much is e63? i need colors red and blue.. do you accept credit card payment? is it deffered payment?

  3. Ruby Garcia

    is nokia 7510 available here in the philippines?How much?


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