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Nokia N97 Reviews are Mostly Negative

We’ve rounded up several reviews of the new Nokia N97 and a whole bunch of them are negative reviews so we wonder what’s the real deal? Check out what several big gadget blogs are saying about the N97:

Nokia N97 – So Close, Yet So Very, Very Far. – TechCrunch / MobileCrunch

I could go on and on about the N97 – but there’s no point, and no way to do so without seeming unnecessarily harsh. Nearly every element of the phone has one glaring fault that just kills it for me. A nasty lag here, an odd interface choice there. Even down to the media functionality: it’s as basic as can be (we had no trouble with audio files, but we had a hell of a time finding videos that would play on it), but the built in speakers make even your favorite songs sound like they’re being played through a cat. Nokia makes a valiant effort to cram everything into this phone, but doesn’t pull a damned thing off perfectly.

S60 has seemed as if it was on its last limb for some time now; with other interfaces now swooping in for the kill, it’s really dragging down Nokia’s efforts. It may be one of the most popular platforms in the world, but that doesn’t mean its one of the best. Sorry, S60 – it’s game over.

Nokia N97 Review: Nokia Is Doomed – Gizmodo

Nokia has to know where it stands. At least, assuming somebody actually used the N97 before it went out the door.

Symbian S60 5th Edition only makes sense if it’s a stopgap keeping Nokia in the game (barely) until they put out an actual next-generation OS, just like the underwhelming Windows Mobile 6.5 will do for Microsoft. I’m really hoping for a complete rebuild of Symbian. I am not expecting Nokia to turn to an entirely different OS from a certain Goo-ey company despite recent (and retarded) rumors. Nokia is married to Symbian for the long haul—after all, they paid nearly half a billion dollars for it.

That’s the only way I can fathom them releasing something this unusable into a world populated by the iPhone, Palm Pre, Android and BlackBerry. If this really is the best Nokia can do, the giant is doomed to die a slow death, propped up for a while by the cheap handsets that it sells by the tens of millions.

Nokia N97 Review – Boy Genius Report

Nokia tried really hard here, but to be honest, speaking from my personal opinion, the second I saw the N97 announcement I skipped right over it in my head. I’m the biggest N95-4 fan you’ll find — but S60 5th Edition with a resistive screen, horrible keyboard and horrible navigational buttons? No thank you. The problem with the Nokia N97 is — and please don’t take this the wrong way — that this exact phone could have been launched 2 years ago and no one would have blinked. What other phone can you take out of it’s current place, drop back two years, and have no one question where it came from? Take the Palm Pre for better or worse, and bring it back to 2007. People would have heart attacks. What about the iPhone? Well, you know how that turned out. BlackBerry Storm? People would have broken through glass to get it. But, no one really would care about the N97 and that, besides not being a device we enjoyed using, is the larger issue. Nokia has lost its place in the sun when looking at the consumer smartphone market and until they get back on track, RIM, Apple, Windows Mobile, Palm and Android are going to continue eating more and more of their lunch.

Nokia N97 Review: A Tale of Two Bloggers – Engadget

I had genuinely hoped for the N97 to be my new smartphone. I’m sorry to say that my bitter disappointment echoes the depths of my surprise. I’m sure long time S60 users will feel right at home with the N97 and the hardware certainly won’t disappoint consumers whose purchase decision consists solely of ticking off boxes on a spec-sheet; unfortunately, I’m neither of these. Chris, as you know I’m a man with a taste for elegance: I like my wig powdered, my wine poured through a sieve, and only the choicest of Carolina tobaccos. Clearly, I’m also an aged man by comparison, but it is you sir who is living in the past. You can reminisce all you want about the glory days of Symbian. Misguided allegiance to S60 is in the end simply misguided — and if that allegiance tempts you into handing over $700 for the unsubsidized N97 in the US then you’re just a fool. In fact, maybe you should grab a RAZR and give Motorola’s former CEO Ed Zander a call. I’m sure he’d love to reminisce about staying the course in the face of innovative competitors and dwindling marketshare.

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    Dear, are you talking about the Samsung i900? if so according to mobileinindia http://mobileinindia.in that phone only supports single 3G band 2100mhz, Omnia HD supports Tri-band 3G (900/1900/2100mhz)….I’m not sure but it might work with AT&T’s 3G (850/1900mhz), that’s why it would be awesome if someone who resides in the US and buy the Omnia HD and post some review…maybe Tristan?…lol…if it does work then I won’t have a second thought to buy this phone and if it doesn’t then I guess I have no choice but to buy the N97


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