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Quick Guide to a Camera Phone

Interested in buying a cameraphone? They are increasingly becoming popular nowadays and most of the Filipinos are shooting pictures everywhere using their phones. Its cheaper than the traditional cameras, more convenient and carries everywhere. Here, we give you tips in buying a cameraphone.

CameraPhone Basics

Cameraphones nowadays cannot rival their contemporary – the digital camera. A digicam still packs the highest resolution in the market. But if you opt to use the pictures in the web or for emails, you may try to look up for cameraphones with a 640×480 pixels resolution. Photos from these phones can also be printed. There are a handful of shops nowadays that give that kind of service.

Most importantly, make sure your friends can see the pictures you send. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is quickly becoming the most popular way to share images with friends and family. Along with pictures (all camera phones use the JPEG format), MMS messages can include sound and text files, but you can send such messages only if the recipient has an MMS-capable phone. You also can send pictures directly to an e-mail address; recipients will either get the image embedded in the body of the message, as an attachment, or as a link to view it at another Web site.

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