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Smart Bro Surf TV

Smart Bro SurfTV is a device that connects to a television set and gives it access to the internet any where in the Philippines (well, as long as you have 3G coverage).

You basically plug the device into the RCA port of a color TV set. Smart Bro SurfTV then turns the set into a ready-to-run “internet appliance” where users can surf, chat, and email — through a multi-tasking TV.

Smart Bro SurfTV comes in a boxed set complete with a keyboard, a mouse, a remote control, and a Smart Bro USB stick-type modem with a prepaid SIM, pre-loaded with Php100 worth of load. The entire kit costs only Php4,500 and additional internet access costs Php10 for every 30 minutes.


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  2. Ton

    cheap internet for everyone! says the walking tvs 🙂 http://bit.ly/cU5HcV

  3. Goodcho

    may blog nga pala ang mga naglalakad na tv mascots. http://bit.ly/tv-mascot-blog

  4. Lhen

    hi! you can check smart’s goals with surftv here: http://bit.ly/bleVat

  5. nining

    gusto ko tong surftv 🙂

  6. Browse N Drowse

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