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SMART launched 'Pasaload' Application on Facebook

The Official Pasaload Application of SMART (Smart Communications, Inc.) can now be accessed on Facebook.

Through this web application, smart users can pass a load without clicking the keypads of their phones. Instead, you can send load to your family, friends and loved ones online while you are surfing the net.

The newest and convenient offer from SMART can be accessed through your Facebook account. Just log in with your FB and click this link:

Excited to know how this stuff works? Simply follow the instructions.

1. Go to the Smart PasaLoad Application on Facebook(http://apps.facebook.com/pasaload/)
2. Setup/Add your mobile number by clicking on Add My Number
– Add your cellphone number
– Wait for the confirmation key (SMS)
– Enter the confirmation key on the text box of the verification window
(Note: You will receive another SMS confirming the succesful registration of your mobile number)

From There, you can


1. Click on Add a Contact
– Enter First Name, Last Name and Mobile number
– You can also tag a Facebook friend when adding their contact number
(Note: An SMS confirmation will be sent to your mobile number each time you add a contact. Don’t worry, the message is free )


1. Drag a mobile number/entry from your numbers
2. Drag a mobile number/entry from your contacts and select the number to send
3. Select a Denomination to Send
4.Click Send to confirm

(Note: You can choose to Publish your app activity on your Facebook profile page)

That fast and easy, you can now use the Smart Pasaload Application on Facebook.

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