Smart Uzzap: Uzzap, uzzap tayo!

Last Sunday, Smart Communications launched a new messaging service call Uzzap. It’s an all-in-one messenger service on your cellphones and computer. Bundled with unlimited chat, unlimited email and free SMS. To download the Uzzap client, visit

uzzap smart uzzap

Smart Uzzap is free from July 6 to July 20, 2008. After the promo period, you can top-up Php25 for 1 whole day of free service (plus 100 SMS), Php150 for 1 week (with 500 SMS) and Php400 for 1 month (with 2,000 SMS).

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123 thoughts on “Smart Uzzap: Uzzap, uzzap tayo!

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  2. michael

    Hello… I’m not a smart user but I wanna download uzzap on my phone… Can you help find how to download uzzap on iPhone apple 3G? Pls…:)

  3. Alvin

    Hello. Im a consistent UZZAP user since it was first launched last year. I had been using it on my Nokia N76. I have a new phone right now, its Nokia 5800 (yung touch screen). I downloaded it already but i cannot type or put any text on it. Why is that?

    Help Please…

  4. rina santos

    hi! i have a smart sim and i wanna download uzzap for my n95 phone.but the problem is before i download the whole program there is a flash msg “file corrupted” what do you think is the problem,is it in my phone? memory card or smart uzzap.tnx

  5. Ahli

    hehehe michael pareho tayo ng phone…. iphone 3g din ang saken, at hindi sya supported ng uzzap ng smart…. ang magagawa mo nalng e mag install ng yahoo msgr. or skype(jailbreak mo muna ang iPhone motapos dowload ka ng mga crack IPA’s) hehehe tapos sa APN mo lagay mo internet… ung username saka password wag mo na alalahanin… enjoy monlang ang P10/30 min na internet… meaning kung me ten pesos ka 30min ka pwede makipagchat….Hoped that I helped you>>>ciao!!!
    pag di mo ma gets eto youtube accnt ko… andun yun…neo2527

  6. unknown

    i have a phone 3250 i tried 2 dwnload uzzap 8s said that my phone is not supported………………….

  7. Kim

    I had uzzap on my phone wen i was in the philippines. I brought the phone here and was able to connect to uzzap using my ATT sim and ATT internet profile. Is the usage free? I heard UZZAP have no browsing charges. This means im using uzzap for free too even here? How can i be able to use my Roaming smart sim on uzzap for free? I tried setting SMART on intrrnet profile using my Smart sim but it didnt work. Pls help
    me out.

  8. LIEZL :)

    Hi! kim depending on the network you are using there, but definitely
    its not for free…. :) thanks for the feedback

  9. LIEZL :)

    Hi! :)

    unknown,eric,Rina santos,Alvin, &michael



    uzzap user id- malldeetah

  10. jamz

    hindi na ba supported ng uzzap ang 6600,.,.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  11. rukia

    uzzapers pls behave urselves.some of you are family wreckers….namely alaniz, shayne, racquel,melanie.broken family na kami dahil sa inyo.

  12. JAn

    I have a roaming smart sim here in dubai. Can i use Uzzap thru this? And how? I really have no idea about this. I just heard Uzzap from a cousin few days ago.

  13. chris

    bkt invalid file ang uzzap sa nokia 6230 ayaw ma open ng application na try ko na i install e2 sa nokia pc suite kaso pag inopen ko sya sa cell ko invalid file daw help pls…

  14. wek

    can i use Uzzap with my Pinoy Smart Roaming Sim? bakit sabi nung customer care representative hindi daw pwd mag GPRS at MMS dahil roaming? at d rin daw pwede ung Uzzap. nabasa ko sa mga naunang posts e pwede sa dubai ung pwede nga ba if for example nasa Italy ako?

  15. eds

    hi, im also encountering the same problem with the others..its about the device nt being nokia e71 not compatible with uzzap???


    HI Guys :ta:

    Good news.. I heard that the UZZAP website is being updated so anything you guys wanna share STORIES,EXPERIENCES,EB’s,CODES,PICTURES,etc…

    just email me at : snd will forward the message … :)

    please do include the name of the room and members :)

    thanks :)

  17. ervin

    mga..sir at maam.,, tanong lang po..
    bkt ung .. uzzap 1.0.14_series60v3.sis at uzzap 1.0.15_series60v3.sis

    ang lake ng font at mga buttons sa nokia 3250?…
    pag naman jar file ang ginamit ko sa.. 3250 maliit naman…
    wala po bang 3250 uzzap user dito??..kung meron pwd po pahingi naman ng..installer na maliit ung display nea..


  18. kaTherine

    i have a se w395..i aLready dOnwLoaded the Latest version of uzzap but stiLL i cannot use it on my phOne..
    it says check java internet settings..
    but if i visit other sites like mOko,it will wOrk with nO probLems..

    pLease repLy..nid heLp with my cOncern asap..

  19. LIEZL

    @jobert i heard that this coming release of latest version your phone will be supported na :) same with yaz and katherine


  20. jeff

    Liezel….takte naman oh… ang uzzap 1.0.16 pang s60v3 lang..ayaw gumana sa N6600 at N70 ko! sana naman pwede sa s60v2…

  21. melvin

    pwede nyo ba idownload ung uzzap 1.0.16 at i file host nyo kasi ung phone ko na s60 v3 dinodownload nya jad file hindi sis.. please. pa upload sa zshare o kaya sa megaupload. Hindi pa updated ung site ng uzzap eh

  22. dhomz

    panu po mag wowork uzzap sa 3250 ko??hindi po kc ako mkapag install eh help nmn po plzz txt nlng po selustion. . 09394509194

  23. dazkul

    s kinauukulan.., pde po b kme mgrequest ng additional rumz sa tarlac? karami na pong adik weh…!! ung mga clans po nmen personally know ung mga memberz kxe plage GEB… 5 clans po ang asa tarlac, at palakihan p dn ng populasyon.., me mga friendly games pa kme sa other clans.., pero ms gusto nla na tambay sa regular rum.. sana po mpgbigyan nu kme.., antagal na po kxe, till now 4 rumz pa dn ang tarlac.. tnx and more power…. !!! hello s mga p7er’s ng tarlac…. K1 hir..

  24. lilet

    ask ko lang po. i have a nokia 7100. i tried to download the link given from the reply of smart but my mobile says it can’t connect so i cannot download the software. is there any steps so that i can download it in my phone.

    thnx po sa reply.

  25. wheng

    i already donwloaded my uzzap in my N5800. the problem is i cant log in. every time i click on my screen nothing happens

  26. DarkAngel

    i really appreciate UZZAP of its good service here in saudi since the start even its only 10 text free per day… but now when i try to subscribe their package, y i cant avail the unli package? it gives a respond that i have an insufficient load even i have load…
    but ok nlang kahit piso per text magamit parin…

    hope soon i can avail the UZZAP unlimited package..

  27. LiLbLuE

    Does Uzzap not work on the nokia 5530.. its not listed in the site.. does that mean its not supported on the n 5530?

  28. Rico

    Dhil d2 s uzzap di nwala k0nek q s Bby q, . Tnx uzzap m0re p0wer and h0pe u still here t0 answer all 0ur questi0n, . MABUHAY PIN0Y CHATTERZ :)

  29. alfred

    send me an info,d q gus2 magpalit ng f0n kc mabilis sa aking gamitin ang 5800,d best…all im asking is that uzzap aplicati0n f0r my 5800,tnx,feed me at ad2hirah at

  30. muffin

    hi poe..panu poe vah mag open ng connection sa internet using my Cp…ayaw poe kci mag register ung number ko sa UZZAP eh…kakainis..hahaizt!!atat nah atat pa nman ako mag uzzap

  31. Ignoramus_stupidicus

    I have been using uzzap, ever since it was launched. And probably i am among the first to download it on a phone. I brought the application here with me in Saudi Arabia. And tried to open it using sims available here. And it did, but not for long. I always receive a message telling me that i am not authorized by the server. How sad, i can’t chat with my friends in uzzap anymore. Goodbye EXPATTERS.

  32. ano bah

    pano po ba mag download ng uzzap using nokia 5130 express music, kasi tinry ko yung link na tinext ng uzzap sakin pero di daw ako maka connect….panu ba yun??plzz help me po

  33. Joan

    Pahelp nman aq. Pano makapgsign in sa uzzap using nokia 5800. Kc wlan keypad n ngaapear everytime n iclick ko un userid eh. Pls help. Here’s my email add Jacobunderwood_baby@yahoo tnx

  34. mcxhin

    to download uzzap 1st configure ur phone just type SET(SPACE)UNIT THENSEND IT TO 211




  35. markee

    for 5800 users, gamit po kyo ng java version ng uzzap… ung sis version kc doesnt have the capability to show the keypad… download nlng po kyo ng java version then send it to ur fon via blutooth or cable then install.

  36. Andrew

    Guys bout sa n5800, pwedw gamitin uzzap application, try nyo i download ibang model unit ng fon.. Kxe sakin nmn nagagamit ko uzzap ko.. Guys help me din sa iphone ko bala may alam kung pano malagyan ko ng uzzap apllication. Tnx!!

  37. no5/intruder

    guys ung gumagamit ng n5800 try nyo mag downlod ng uzzap na java base, ung me .jar kasi gamit ko n5230 parehas na s60 v5 na unit , search kayo sa internet, ng uzap .15 lang o kaya .17 na .jar, kasi sakin napagana ko. kahit d ako dl ng uzzap na galing smart.

  38. jangjang

    JUST WANT TO ASK OF how can i manage to use the uzzap application on my phone which is n5800.i found a hard time trying to fixed it.please help me.just send a message on my email thanks. GBU evryone.


    panu b mapagana uzzap n java sa n5800?? natry q n .16 – .18 ayaw pawin makakunek.. nachek q n connection q peo ayaw pawin maka log in.. sana makagawa n cla uzzap app for n5800.

  40. obraPUZABRiTT

    to all 5800 users.. may nakita q n way para magamit nu uzzap n symbian.. download nyo lang app n 2,,, .. virtual keyboard xa .. install nu lang den run nu un appz.. may makikita kau n gan2 sa taaz ng screen ng cp nu .. [ V_K ] .. den open nu un uzzap.. sa pag log in tap nu lang un [ V_K ] sa taas.. den lalabas n un menu.. kau n lang pumili qng anu keyboard gagamitin nu.. post nu n lang d2 kung may tanong p kau..

  41. kccaringal

    using ur n5800 pnta kau sa website na… tapos hanapin nyo ung download.. dapat pang 6300 ang i download nyo para JAVA.. aun.. install nyo na.. gagana na un.. mas mabilis mag register pag sa cp/laptop kasi pag sa cp lang, mabagal.. haha.. gets?

  42. peejay

    bkt poh skin ‘device not found ang lumalagay kpg dndownload q na ang uzzap? Unit poh ni2ng cp q ay 2700classic..

  43. say

    guys bkt gnun banned aq s sharem0bile wla naman aqng d.l na fl0od?huhu any1 cn help or just gv me link ng uzzap na full ver. Na jar png 5230 xprmusic ung hndi sa sharem0bile galng. Txt nio sa 09995251103

  44. noscir

    send to my email add the to retrieve password cause i forgot my password, every time i click the forgotten password it will not appear in my email add

  45. Uzzapers

    Enjoy unlimited Facebook Chat + Twitter + GoogleTalk + Chikka all for only P5/day (on top of any daily package) with the new Uzzap 2.1!! download uzzap now text UZZAp to 7272

  46. Elizabeth

    Helo, pwd po bng mgamit ang uzzap kung nasa abroad u. Kc ung bf q seaman, pra sana my continues n comminacation kmi kht mgkalau kami. An0 dw nmn gwin pra parehas kmi naka uzzap.

  47. reyli

    supported po b ng uzzap ang cherrymobile, kabibili ko lng po kc ng cherrymobile T8 at gusto kong magdownload ng uzzap. pakisagot po sa email ko, tnx

  48. yeng

    hi!! super uzzap user ako through phone..
    kaso na-erase uzzap ko accidentally..
    nagda-download ako ng bago now kaso “file too large to be saved” daw.. ok naman po yung memory ng phone ko..
    anu po ba yung link para sa mas mababang version?
    marami pong salamat..

  49. redfox

    matanong ko lang po bkit b madaming gumagamit ng pang kick application kahit naka park lang me n kick p din aba! Smart uzzap ano b yang mga padali nyo ilang i.d at sim n ung nagagamit ko ganun p din ginagawa kakainis nman tlga e2 # ko 09497156295 ung i.d dyn kick din paki txt n lang po bc n man operator nyo


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