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Sony Ericsson Phones Price List in the Philippines

The price list of phones below were taken from Mega Exchange Store in the Mall of Asia last January 5, 2009. Prices might change and they usually go down but these are the best cash-only deals we’ve see so far for Sony Ericsson:

Sony Ericsson W200i – Php5,200
Sony Ericsson T200 – Php4,900
Sony Ericsson R300 – Php4,900
Sony Ericsson K530i – Php8,500
Sony Ericsson W350i – Php7,900
Sony Ericsson G502 – Php8,500
Sony Ericsson W380i – Php9,500
Sony Ericsson K770i – Php10,900
Sony Ericsson W580i – Php10,900
Sony Ericsson K810i – Php11,500
Sony Ericsson T700 – Php11,900
Sony Ericsson W910i – Php13,900
Sony Ericsson C905 – Php29,500
Sony Ericsson G700 – Php14,900
Sony Ericsson W595 – Php14,900
Sony Ericsson W890i – Php14,500
Sony Ericsson W760i – Php15,500
Sony Ericsson C902i – Php18,900
Sony Ericsson G900 – Php19,900
Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 – Php42,500
Sony Ericsson T306 – Php5,600
Sony Ericsson T303 – Php5,700

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  1. Anonymous

    May I know how much is the updated price of this phone in the Philippines? Thanks! 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Correction: The price of SE W595 🙂

  3. tetmo

    price of Sony Ericcson P1i

  4. jan

    hi! may i know where can i purchase Laptop here in the Phil. because im interested to buy one… tnx!

  5. nuel

    ei… do we already have the sony ericsson W508 here in the philippines? if we do how much is it and where can i get one? thanks… 🙂

  6. kim

    what’s the price of the newly release SE Aino?

  7. kim


  8. Sakura chan

    What? 40-45th0u.
    So0o expencive! Heheh. Hntayin q nlng bumba ang price. Heheh.

  9. des

    how much for the SE z750?kelangan ko po rep asap help please?

  10. yhengay :)

    I have aino i buy it in sweden

  11. carding

    is this sony erricson is made in china?!!SE w595??

  12. how much is the price of satio & aino ?

    how much is the price of satio and aino ?

  13. Camille

    Is Sony Ericsson W508 already released in the Philippines?
    If not yet, when will it be released?
    If yes, how much and where can I buy one?
    Thank you! 😀

  14. shem moses

    price of sony satio… thanks a lot…

  15. cariza

    may i know how much this phone cost in the philippines today?

  16. dhang

    Magkano po ba yung Satio??

  17. shane

    magkano poh ba ung w705 at satio d2 sa pinas?

  18. reaven

    magkano poh ba ang w705 d2 sa pinas? thnx…

  19. Mish

    Hi can you please give me the current price of Sony Ericson W350i. Thanks!

  20. eric john

    how much is the cost of sony ericsson hazel? response pls. tnx

  21. Gee

    Hi may I know the price of SE Vivas/Pro?? asap please.. thanks thanks!

  22. jerodposo

    when d sony ericsson cedar nd yendo release in d philippines? and how much?

  23. se aspen

    hi.. is se aspen already out in the country? how much is its current srp? thanks..

  24. Roldan

    How much is Sonny Ericsson C905 at it’s current brand new price. Yung second hand kasi nasa around 9 thousand na lang.

    More power!

  25. haiku

    can i get spare parts for a T200?
    I need a new battery & charger

  26. andeng

    c905 is only around less than 9k as of september 2010

  27. jholai

    almost 1 year palang ung w595 ko sira na kaagad xa brand new ko pa naman binili un.huuuuu


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