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Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson is a joint venture established in 2001 by the Japanese consumer electronics company Sony Corporation and the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson to make mobile phones. The stated reason for this venture is to combine Sony’s consumer electronics expertise with Ericsson’s technological leadership in the communications sector. Both companies have stopped making their own mobile phones.

The company’s global management is based in Hammersmith, London, and it has research & development teams in Sweden, Japan, China, Canada, the Netherlands, the United States, India and the United Kingdom.

Sony Ericsson has approximately 8,000 employees worldwide. With a 43% annual growth rate, it became the fastest-growing mobile vendor in Q3 2006 compared to Motorola with a rate of 39%. In 2007, Sony Ericsson had surpassed Nokia to become the most profitable mobile phone maker in terms of net profit rate, and behind Nokia in gross profit. It had been achieved by her market share growth in high end handset market.

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