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Swoopin: Free Mobile Games Wapsite

Before, it was only available via WAP and Facebook. Now, all mobile game aficionados can download as many free Java games as they want from the World Wide Web.

Swoopin, the 100% free Java games mobile portal is now up and available to all world wide web browsers via its new website, www.swoopin.org. With more than 800 free and ready to download mobile games available, players from all over the net are expected to take advantage of this unlimited offer.

To get free mobile games, simply go to http://www.swoopin.org/ and choose from Swoopin’s 14 Java game categories, ranging from Puzzle to Casino. Upon picking your preferred game, select a phone device model, download the game, and save it. Downloading a Swoopin game is as simple as that. Mobile phone owners may use either Bluetooth or USB to facilitate the game transfer, from the computer to their handy phone.

The new Swoopin website is designed to provide easy access and a user-friendly interface, for all site visitors’ convenience. It was formally launched to the public on September 24, 2008.

All Java games available through Swoopin are ad-supported, the reason why gamers don’t need to pay for anything when downloading a content. In addition, every game is licensed from its developers, so everything is 100% legal.

Every mobile game listed on Swoopin’s official website is also available on Swoopin Facebook Application and on Swoopin’s official wapsite, wap.swoopin.org.

All Swoopin Java games downloaded from its wapsite are free, but normal carrier charges (WAP, GPRS, DATA) and taxes may apply to data transfer incurred when downloading games.

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  1. Illidan Mors

    Saw this once via press releases. and yes! their games are free to download! and its cool downloading all the games you want!

  2. juhne

    how to cheat to globe .com or trick or hack wapsites?????

  3. xola

    i need people to put game music picture in my wep site (sa mini.wapego.com and more things


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