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Torque Phone Price List

Here is the list of cellphones coming from Torque with their price:

E35 999
E55 999
A75 1090
E110 1249
A100 1149
C90 1799
D51 1699
D77 1999
D88 2499
DQ100 2699
DL85 2999
D95 2999
DTV35 2999
D110 2999
DQ300 3699
F1 METAL 3299
D220 TOUCH 3799
DQ510 SLIM 3999
DQ600 TV 3999
R1 METAL 4299
DTV 90 4699
DQ700 TV 4699
DQ900 TV+WIFI 5899

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  1. Ebooksulit

    This phone Torque DQ900 is highly potential to be a good phone. But I doubt if it will stand the test of time.

  2. Breanna Fernandez

    Parang nag mura ang DQ600 TV..promo ba un o permanent na ung pagbaba???? 2,999 ung nkita ko sa website….

    1. Emmanuel Rillon

      I Need to buy droid force battery..please guide me how to buy or where to buy battery of my android phone..


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