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Unlimited 3G from Smart Bro for Php1,500

SmartBro is now offering unlimited 3G for its mobile internet plans to subscribers. For a fixed monthly fee of just Php1,500, subscribers can avail of the unlimited 3G access from Smart. See packages and pricing below.

smart 3g
Smart Bro Plan 1500
Unlimited 3G Usage
Php1,500 initial fee (includes USB modem dongle)
Php1,500 monthly service fee

Smart Bro Plan 799
60 hours free (Php10 per 30 minutes in excess of 60 hours)
Php799 initial payment (includes USB modem dongle)
Php799 monthly service fee

Aside from Smart, Sun Cellular is also offering unlimited wireless broadband plans to subscribers although it is limited to Metro Manila only.

We’ll wait and see how will Globe Telecom react to this or if they will be re-introducing their Globe Visibility with unlimited plans. GV used to be Php3,000 per month with a 24 month lock-in period. Based on previous cmpeting product, it’s highly probable Globe will match this offer.

{source: YugaTech via PTB}


  1. AOAlvarez

    Smart is really proving their position as a market leader. Definitely, Globe will again imitate what Smart has done.

  2. Peter

    This is great. Except that Plan 1500 appears to be “on hold” according to personnel at Smart Wireless Centers.

  3. baguio girl

    pls help me,, im here in overseas and i was not able to cut the line of smartbro and now they are charging my family to pay. Im allowing now Smartbro to cut my line

  4. Roy Sencio

    baguio girl, that sounds like the exact situation I am in, here is what happened http://www.roysencio.com/my-smart-bro-problem/

  5. mcreal

    I think smart bluffs us all!! this offer is never introduce in the market ever since. please delete this information from your archives. thanks!!

  6. CLCTech

    Smartbro still billing you but you didn’t use the it because you go to abroad? I think you are still in lock-in period.. if you have a Smartbro Plan 999 which had a lock-in period of 12 months and you are not using the services but still in lock-in period and I say yes, you are obliged to pay for every month in that lock-in period.. If you really want to terminate your account but still in lock-in period then you must go to Smart Wireless Center and see the Smartbro representative and request for your account termination for some reason like you are going to abroad.


  7. ALan

    I’m getting my postpaid kit 1500 this week i hope it stands on it’s obligations.


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