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What is Globe 4438?

Globe is currently running a campaign for the SMS short code 4438 and it has been well-promoted by the company. The Globe 4438 is set to be revealed on April 4, 2010 but there has been several blog posts revealing its true identity.

Globe 4438 is a rewards system for subscribers and has the following mechanics:

ITEMS to 4438 for list of rewards

To view items for each category, text “ITEM to 4438?.

Send “DISCOUNTS” to 4438 for list of benefits

Food: FOOD
Shopping: SHOPPING
Health and Beauty: HEALTH
Lifestyle and Entertainment: LIFESTYLE

Immortal Call 15 = 15 points
UnliTxt20 : 20 pts
UnliTxt40 : 40 pts
UnliTxt80 : 80 pts
SuperUnli : 120 pts

To redeem, text REDEEM to 4438

Gadgets: GADGETS
Shopping: SHOPPING
Lifestyle and Enterntainment: LIFESTYLE

To view items in the category, text ITEM to 4438:

REDEEM ITEM CODE PIN to 4438 for redemption

SHARE POINTS 10-DIGITMOBILE# PIN for point transfer

BAL to 4438 for points inquiry.


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